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photo by Julia Briggs



please contact me with your project idea

all inquiries:



-choreographic projects with independent artists, performing arts companies, literary organizations, schools, and studios

-online & in-person lessons to pre-K through adults  in post-modern techniques, ballet, improvisation, and choreography

creative writing

-collaboration with visual artists (photographers, filmmakers, painters, collagists, designers), composers, coders, dancers, spoken word artists, and art journals and publishers

-youth reading/slam poetry curation & judging

-youth anthology curation

-youth workshop (specialties in interdisciplines, including erasure poetry, found poetry, and choreographic scores)

-event partnerships with literary organizations, bookstores, theater venues, independent presses


-dance film (choreography, direction, dramaturgy, writing, cinematography, editing, production, festival curation)

-web management & design

-social media administration

-virtual/augmented reality case studies & reviews 

journalism & editing

-interviews/reviews for independent artists, performing arts companies, literary organizations, arts programs, and non-profits

-copy-editing arts interviews/reviews and manuscripts (including essay, fiction, poetry, hybrid genre, and mixed media)

-consultations regarding publishing with independent magazines, journals,  presses, and book festivals

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