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Choreographic Writing Class Series 
w/ Maxine Flasher-Düzgüneş 

Host: Shawl Anderson Dance Center

Dates: Sundays 2-4pm PT (in-person)
February  5 - 26, 2023

Description: This workshop series builds on the choreographic score workshop with deeper inquiry into how text-based poetry techniques inform the choreographic process. We will primarily focus on creating choreographic scores utilizing concrete poetry, erasure poetry, ekphrastic poetry, and cinépoetry with optional weekly assignments that provide students an opportunity to invest in personal creative research. Register here 

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Choreographic Writing Intensive Course w/ Maxine Flasher-Düzgüneş  & Paula Catalina Fajardo Riofrío 

Host: Big Sky Workshop

Dates: Fridays 12-1:30pm PT (online)
April 7 - May 5, 2023

Description: We will experiment with text and sound-based poetic forms as tools for the choreographic process.  The course will consist of four practice-based workshop sessions and one presentation session. Each will focus on the translation of an internal, literary space to an embodied, performative one. Register 

charcoal 32.jpg

Scene R-eco-ver | a choreographic anthropo-scene

Host: World Stage Design | University of Calgary

Date: August 6-16, 2022 • Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Description: A multi-media love letter to California - a new choreographic performance interpreting the climate catastrophes of Northern California in an evolving landscape of paper and projection. 

Learn more here 



Choreographic Writing Intensive Course 
w/ Maxine Flasher-Düzgüneş
Host: Big Sky Workshop

Guest Artist Speakers: Jade Lien & NiNi Dongnier

Date: January 18 - March 10, 2022

Description: In the form of practice-as-research and critical discussion, we will learn through example about the use of the interdisciplinary in contemporary dance and writing practices.

Learn more here 

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Lines Curves Galaxies: Issue I Aftertastes
Score: "strikethrough #18" by Maxine Flasher-Düzgüneş
Editor: Angel Dust

Publisher: Dance Art Journal

Purchase here 

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 8.39.01 AM.png

strikethrough '21
Choreography & Concept: Maxine Flasher-Düzgüneş
Text & Animation: Jade Lien

Sound Composition: Michael Wall

Mentorship: Mark Foehringer Dance Project SF |
Emerging Choreographers Forum

Premiere: April 11, 2021 | MFDPSF | San Francisco
                   April 24, 2021 | SAFEhouse Arts | San Francisco
                   July 31, 2021   | SAFEhouse Arts
 | San Francisco

Watch here 


on casting airplanes

Choreography & Text: Maxine Flasher-Düzgüneş

Sound Composition: David Caparó

Production: Erin Merritt

Videography: Ainsley Tharp

Premiere: weekends, April 17 - May 9, 2021 | Neighborhood Stories | Mill Valley 

Watch here

Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 4.49.45 PM.png

Concept: Maxine Flasher-Düzgüneş

Code: Troy Kelley
Animation: Jade Lien

Sound: Alex MacKinnon

Premiere: January 8 - April 29, 2020 | Opening Show, The Museum of Wild & Newfangled Art | Online 

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