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Maxine Flasher-Düzgüneş



poetry | dance | film

San Francisco | London | New York


photo by Sarah Lutzky

film by Edrei Sayo

personal statement


I am a writer, but I often dance my poems
I am a dancer, but I often write my dances
I am a performer, but I often mix up the marley and the microphone
I am an editor, but I often lose myself in the idea that a true story can never be changed
I am a filmmaker, but I often abandon the camera just to be with the bodies it captures
I am a teacher, but I often forget I am still a student
I am a designer, but I often get lost searching for meaning in endless digital worlds
I am a collaborator, I’d rather ideas tangle before they unwind

I am also a thinker, I’m waiting in the time between things clicking
I am also a friend, I’m listening for love
I am also a daughter, I’m reminiscing of...
I am also a woman, I’m living right here, right now
I am also a member of a planet whose winds change course
I am also solid, but can be blown in the direction of beautiful things
I am also fluid, but can always opt to stay rooted
I am also me, just me, only me in this interminable space we call home


artist statement


Inside of me lives this rigorous bi-coastalness, thoughts crashing against the dramatic cliffs of the Pacific to be transported airborne in the mechanization of propellers and leather seats and bento boxes. Each permutation of memory crash lands between Atlantic bridges and ferry boats and islands into a studio where only a choreographic venture may rescue and redistribute them. When after every trip between coasts, and my words become pressurized, I find a dancer to extract their physical potential, to locate the materiality of their thoughtfulness and alter its course to something living in-body, on-stage, on-film. And inside each one of my makings are traces of poetic origin, every body containing a textual sensibility, a poem breathing in the atlas of its dancer. So my poiesis (which from the ancient Greek, means “making”), is my way of interminably being lost and found and lost again, designing the map through which only movement can return my thoughts home.

film by Edrei Sayo

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